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    typedef anyone?

      I have some data structures I'm making as an intellectual excercise - linked list and variants. They work really well except that there seems to be no way to determine the type of an object. What I thought would be to read the name of the constructor function. but I can't seem to do that either. If anyone knows C++ and knows "typedef" understands what I'm trying to replicate.
      With data structures in C++ one preserves the type of the objects going in and out of a list. For instance, If I have a Linked List of AddressCards. In C++, before instantiating a new list, I can define a type with: typedef ListItemType AddressCard. Then INSIDE the implementation code for the List, I can have the methods that return list items look like this: public function retrieve( index:Number ):ListItemType -- Voi la! no need to type the items like var aCard:AddressCard = AddressCard(List.retrieve(0)); you can trust that the list will pass back items of the type you specified with the typedef statement. Anywho.. I know that's a little advanced, but if any gurus out there can give me a tip, or tell me to give up.

      If anyone wants to look at them, and maybe lend some good advice, I'd be really excited. The files can be found at
      The zip includes: The package "adt.list" With "List.as" and it's little sister "Stack.as" a few test files, and some pretty serious documentation (i was bored)

      So, thank you in advance to all the crazy AS pros who I know will shower me with wonderful advice!