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    Lightroom CC is slow

    freemind42 Level 1



      I have a Mac Pro 3,1, no problems with Lightroom 5. However CC is totally unusable for me. It takes ages to import, to zoom in to 1:1 view (20 secs or even longer) and it takes ages to export.


      Turnin off GPU acceleration didn't help

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          me too.  What a horrible upgrade.  I wish I would have read the comments before upgrading. 

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            andyr76468307 Level 1

            Lightroom CC is a dog at the moment.  Added features for sure, but the performance is dreadful, it takes literally hours to import and process large numbers of files.  My last session of 300 Canon CR2 took three hours just to import, rendering previews took another three.  My machine is no slouch, i7, 24GB RAM (not that Lightroom accesses more than 4GB anyway) Nvidia Quadro 4000 graphics, and images on a CalDigit Raid. Wish I hadn't ''upgraded''

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              This is still a problem in 2015.8. I started using it last month and had to revert back to LR5. My computer meets/exceeds all the requirements, I've gone through all the troubleshooting I found in the forums, and nothing helps. This is untenable as a professional tool.