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    LR6/CC export from D610-NEF to JPG creates randomly white images (with watermark)


      Hi All,


      After upgrading from LR5 to CC, I see on two PC's (Win 8, 8.1) that the exporter is creating only a white image with the watermark.

      I've see older posts to this topic, and I've tried to export in Library mode, but no luck.

      Also enabling/disabling GPU does not make any difference.


      If I export 100 images, I have about 5 of these images, randomly distributed.

      This has perfectly worked in the LR5.

      The anoying thing is that the thumbnail view is correct, so you need to use a image viewer to see which images are bad. I cal already happen in the first few images, so not a problem of "overheating" or something like that.


      Any hints or tricks are welcome.


      Source: D610-NEF (RAW)

      Destination: JPG 80%, watermak, outputsharpening,

      export template has been created in LR5