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    LR Crash when shooting tethered.....

    tigapa Level 1


      Macbook Pro

      4 G Ram

      Nvidia graphic card 256 mb

      135 Gig of free space on HD

      Running latest version of OS



      Latest version of Lightroom

      Graphic Processor in preferences turned off.



      Shooting with Nikon D3S tethered with a tether tool cable to the laptop.



      Been shooting tethered on this set up for over a year. And at each shoot LR would crash on average one time during the shoot.

      As of this week with ONLY LR running on the computer (to save resources). I turn on the camera and it shows up in LR tether window...then I take two or three shots with the camera and LR crashes.

      I reboot the computer...try again...two or three shots and it crashes again. It has even gotten to the point that I can only shoot one picture and LR crashes....


      I can open LR and do edits with no problem at all.....I can run all the other cloud applications with no problem..but when I shoot tethered LR crashes after just a couple of shots.


      I'm wondering if something in the latest Apple or Adobe updates is causing this to happen all of a sudden. Thanks for the help...I'm open to try anything....