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    upgrade old catalog


      I just switched from a Windows PC with Lightroom 4 to an iMAC with Lightroom 5, which has been installed.

      Last night I started the process to upgrade my old, saved catalog (.lrcat).

      I presume it has been running in the background (for 14 hours), and there has been no notification that it is finished.

      How can I tell if it is running, and how will I know when it is finished?

      Also, I have a One-on One appointment with Apple this afternoon and will need to shut down the computer to take it in. Will shutting down the computer halt the catalog upgrade process?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, it will stop the upgrade process. But you can start again by simply opening your old catalog again. It shouldn't take that long to upgrade. It should take at the most a few minutes, not several hours. So something has gone wrong and you should probably start over.