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    How to determine where XML elements are placed?


      Hey guys,


      i've got another question concerning XML in InDesign:Unbenannt.png


      In the picture you see my XML structure which is actualyy uncomplicated. I have several "schueler" elements and multiple "kategorie" elements. These two have nothing to do with each other.


      At the moment, for each "kategorie" element a new textbox is created, having the width and height of one column. When I now place more than one "kategorie" elements, I get millions of these textboxes, but I want to have ONE. I'd like all "kategorie" elements to be located within the columns. They should continue each other so that along ca. six InDesign-pages all "kategorie" elements are placed in the left and right columns continuously.


      Now I'd like to know how to tell InDesign where the boxes shall be placed in the Document! Can I determine height and with of each element? How to achieve that the elements are distributed to left and right columns?


      Any help, hints and advices are very welcome to me! Thanks a lot!