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    How to download the Lightroom 6.0.1 update. My version 6.0 says it is up to date. However, the system info and startup screen says the program is at version 6.0  I have a standalone licence


      Hello all,

      I have purchased, downloaded and installed from Adobe, Lightroom 6.0 on a standalone licence.

      I know that a version 6.0.1 update is available. However, when I go to updates, it says that I am up to date!!

      On start up the Lightroom screen says version 6.0  Also the system info says version 6.0

      I contacted Adobe support on live chat, and they said they could not help me and I should try the forum!!


      I am not new to Lightroom having moved up from 5.7


      Any help out there?

      Thank you,