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    Air for IOS; share the app/score




      is there a way to open up iOS apps to share the score or the app?


      I'm using Flash Pro CC with AIR SDK 16 for iOS.


      this is what I mean



      thank you.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's no simple way. but there are ways to do each.


          i would recommend googling to see if there's something you an do yourself, or check milkman apps tro see if you can implement one or more of his anes.

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            aliogul Level 1

            there isn't much source about AIR for iOS really, especially when it comes to game center or UIActivityViewController


            I guess AIR does not support UIActivityViewController by default. There must be an extension anyways? The same for game center.

            I'm still not sure what Gaming SDK does in this case.


            I always come across milkman apps, and started thinking of purchasing if there is no other solution.