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    Flexbuilder 201 update issues

      I just downloaded the 201 update of Flexbuilder. Here are my comments.

      It requires 500MB of disk space for the installer to run yet it doesn't tell you how much it needs before it will install.

      The eventual program is a lot bigger than it was before, it is now taking up over 500MB space. Far too much I think. You've got to remember that not all developers have top notch laptops with loads of disk space at their disposal. I had to delete some other programs on my Mac Mini at home to get this to work on Windows.

      The code colouring doesn't work any more past line 1745 of my existing Flex 200 app. If Iclose and reopen the project, refresh in design mode, clean in source mode, no difference. The code insight does work though.

      I have so far noticed no improvement to the slowness of use and the odd file handling problems of this product since the last version, which are the major issues as far as I'm concerned.

      I also couldn't see where the Mac update was. It says there is a Mac update but is that of the 2beta or a 201 release, either way it was unaccessable.

      A feature creep version I fear. Ugh.