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    changing a tree's xml data


      I've been updating my trees xml data by doing this:

      var node:XML = stTree.selectedItem as XML;
      var p:* =node.parent();
      var c:* =node.childIndex();
      var s:* = stTree.selectedIndex;
      var insert:XML = new XML('<i item="some stuff">');
      stTree.dataDescriptor.addChildAt(p, insert, c);
      stTree.dataDescriptor.removeChildAt(p,null,c + 1);

      But it's getting a litle slow to process now my xml is now over 2,000 lines.

      Is there more efficient way than adding/removing a child? I can't see a simple way to edit the attributes of a the xml child element this way.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          You can set the values of the attributes using syntax like this:
          node.@item = "some stuff";

          And you seem to have found another way to delete a node. I've used delete, and collection.removeItemAt(), but never dataDescriptor.removeChildAt()

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            kimbflex Level 1
            i thought i tried the obvious @ attrib and that didn't work, will tryi it again.

            yeah Tracy, but if you delete, edit and/or replace a tree node there seems no other way to maintain the focus on that tree node unless you do it this way. try it yourself mate.

            (I expect the chap to help me out here nudge nudge!)

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