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    Photoshop file disappeared from LR5 catalog

    Karl Photographer Level 1

      Usually when I right click and edit in Photoshop from my LR5 catalog the file is automatically added to the catalog in the same collection beside the original DNG file. However there is one file I edited a couple of days ago, but now there's only the DNG file in the collection. The PSD file is gone from the catalog. I did a search for the PSD file in my drive, and it's still there. Is there a way I can add the PSD file back into my catalog so that it is still 'connected' to the DNG file. As in, if I select the original DNG file and right click Edit In Photoshop again to try out another edit then it will give a new filename eg: filename-Edit-2, so that there's no conflict with the first PSD edit I made?



      Edit: I've searched everywhere for a solution, and the only thing I can find is that in Preferences > External Editing > Stack with original - This should be and is checked. So it seems that my version of LR is faulty. Is it just me, or is there some way to fix this?