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    Lightroom CC and OS X Photos

    mallardnathan Level 1

      I currently have all my photos stored in iCloud photos since it syncs well between OS X Photos on my Mac and iOS Photos on my iOS devices (and since Photos is so deeply ingrained into iOS for pulling in photos). However, I have a license to use Lightroom CC as part of my Adobe CC subscription, and I would like to use it for the extra power.


      What would be the best workflow to allow me to continue to store and sync files with iCloud Photos/OS X Photos, but at the same time be able to catalog photos in Lightroom and be able to edit photos in Lightroom? Would I need to export a copy of my photos out of OS X Photos and store a separate copy on an external drive or NAS box (I have a Drobo and a couple external drives), or is there a way to add photos from OS X Photos to a Lightroom catalog?



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          I can only answer small part of your question, sorry.I am new to this forum + new to Lr. ... I am seeing many questions are viewed in this forum but not so many answered:( I hope some of those with answers will jump IN more to help! Adobe suggested I post questions in this forum, so I did, but so far my NAS questions not answered:(


          What I read in "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 Book"was that "The Lightroom files can be imported to any drive destination you like. The only restriction you have is that the catalog file cannot be stored on a network attached storage (NAS) device. This is because the Lightroom catalog can't be shared with other users across a network and is an intentional SQLIte database limitation designed to avoid corruption."


          I too have a Drobo and am using a older MacBook Pro laptop that is VERY full = I cannot put my catalog files on the internal drive of my laptop and cannot put Lr catalog files on Drobo either as it is a NAS drive, which we got primarily to hold our photos:( So I must purchase another harddrive for our Lr catalog files, + harddrive to backup the catalog files/which can grow large, depending on your SmartPreviews).


          However since it seems can use NAS to store Lr photos at least can use our Drobos for that! BUT also read in this forum some with Macs have had some problems doing just that (saving photos to NAS drives). So.....I am hoping SOMEONE out here in forum land can clarify HOW DO WE USE OUR NAS DRIVES IWITH Lr??


          As far as your workflow goes it is suggested to not only rely on cloud backup so getting photos on external drive anyway would be a good thing. Supposedly you can put your photos in a NAS for Lr too = if that is true then you could backup your photos on external NAS drive and use those photos on that NAS drive for Lr too!!


          I could very well stand corrected on this tho.

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            Daniel Sterchi Adobe Community Professional

            Hi mallardnathan, hi maryh91182852

            First you are right it is not possible to store LR Catalog on a network disk (NAS).


            Second I regret but there is no possibility to import images directly from the new Photos application on Mac. Photos uses a proprietary Library (this is one file and in this file there are all your images) from which LR can not read. There is no plugin to import from Photos, at least not at the moment.

            From Photos you may export your images and then import the images into the LR Catalog.

            The LR catalog is no proprietary library instead all your images are stored in directory structure. You tell LR where this directory structure resides. This means that you can access all your photos from the operating system as well.


            I work with LR on two macs. One is a iMac and the other a Macbook pro. I store all my images on a USB disk (an backup often). You can't store on a network drive but you can store on USB (or firewire) disks. This way I plug the USB-drive into the computer I want to work with. I set LR up so that LR has the default catalog on the USB-Disk.


            I work that way already for quite a period of time without any problem.


            I hope this helps a little bit.


            kind regards


            Daniel (from Switzerland)

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              mallardnathan Level 1

              Thanks for the info. Are you using your Lightoom photos with any iOS devices at all? I'm curious to how you'd also integrate them into an iOS workflow. It's precisely the reason I've originally stored them in Photos, but I would like to also have the power of using Lightroom's advanced editing capabilities as well. I'm trying to figure out what is the best way for me to have the best of Mac to iOS syncing and integrated photo storage workflow and the ability to use Lightroom's advanced features. It may mean running two photo libraries to pull it off.

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                Daniel Sterchi Adobe Community Professional

                Yes I use Lightroom mobile on my iPhone. I love it.


                With LR mobile you can share your images with a lot of iOS apps. You can even export them to the iOS photos app and share them online on various collections. I do that with my better images. But most of the time I leave the images in LR Mobile and show them from LR mobile. I can display information about the image right on the images which I like.


                In LR I share and synchronize more then one collection which  LR mobile. E.G I have collection with my black & white images, with my tones images, with the images I take from graffiti's, with my high speed images and so on.


                The images I share with the iOS photos app come back to my mac into the photos app. Actually I don't need that.


                You may use more the one LR catalog on different directories or on different USB-disks there is no problem with that. You can then choose with which catalog you want to work when you press the «ALT»-key during startup of Lightroom.


                kind regards


                Daniel (from Switzerland)

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                  mallardnathan Level 1

                  Excellent info! I'll give it all a spin and see how it goes. Thanks again!

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                    Photos by GeoffC Level 1

                    Just found out that you can drag-abd-drop between the Grid view in LightRoom and an open OSX Photos window

                    So to achieve the publishing of LR photos to iCloud, I open both apps and tile them on the screen.

                    Then, I drag the photo(s) from LR to the Photos window (into an album especially created for the purpose).

                    Once the photos have een imported (look for the notification ion the desktop), I switch to Photos, and use the sharing icon (box with an arrow coming out of it) to share the images via a photostrem of my choosing.


                    Works pretty reliably for me (using MacBook Pro with OSX 10.11.1 - El Capitain, and Lightroom 6.1 CC).


                    Hope this helps



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