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    Can we get some updated features to this app

    Mau7rice Level 1

      First off, I'm a windows user and a Android  user. I've used Ps Touch some and as a person that does a lot of selecting and then Edit menu and Fill, content-Aware fill, this app needs Content-Aware Fill in order to remove undesired parts and items in an image.


      I know you can draw a selection but how about the quick selection tool and/or magic wand tool


      The blur to tool and/or smudge tool to edit out undesired  sharp lines and corners would be great


      And since most the mobile devices  are using finger shortcuts such as pinching or widening  two fingers and double or triple tapping; it would seem the pinching or widening  of two fingers would be a natural shortcut to make a tool such as a pencil, brush, or selection  tool bigger or smaller


      Other than those it's a good start towards a mobile version of Photoshop


      Anyone else have any suggestions?