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    digital editions problems


      After experiencing numerous problems and various error messages I have some recommendations. NUMBER ONE. before trying to authorize the newest Digital Editions on a windows 7 computer, go to the Adobe website and create an Adobe account! THEN authorize the computer to that account ID. If you authorize the computer WITHOUT the Adobe account, they actually say the you can"t connect from there to a portable device. In my recent experience I couldn't even properly use Digital Editions by itself on the computer. Now if you are reading this because you authorized without an EXISTING account and are having trouble the fix using information from Adobe help notes is to do this. FIRST create an Adobe account at their site. THEN

      uninstall Digital Editions and use regedit to remove data from the programs information under   HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Adobe. Not just digital editions but something called Adept need to be deleted. After I did that I reinstalled Digital editions and was able to authorize using my existing Adobe ID and password. I then downloaded a new book from the library and it worked. I think the problem maybe trying to originally authorize without an existing Adobe ID and password. If you do that then it seems you CAN'T go back and reauthorize with an ID unless you erase everything.

      This fix will likely work on other versions of windows as well.