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    Nikon AW130 Altitude


      Hi, does anyone know, why the altitude, in which a photo was taken, is not shown in Lightroom (6.0.1).


      The camera (Nikon AW130) only supports JPEG. It's a sports camera with GPS and a barometer to determine the altitude. The altitude is saved in the metadata, but the altitude isn't.


      Does anyone know, if that is normal, or what I can do to fix this.


      Thank's in advance.


      Best regards.



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Upload a sample pic to Dropbox (or similar) and post the link here.  We can take a look at what might be going wrong.

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            Bernd_R Level 1

            Hi, I have copied everything from the SD card into the folder. I created a GPD / Altitude log with the Nikon AW130 and made 3 sample shots, that should have GPS and an altitude (both are shown in the camera, but only GPS is visible an the computer).



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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              That folder with all the SD-card contents was very useful.  I used the free Exiftool to examine the three .jpgs, and none of them have altitude recorded in their metadata -- the camera isn't recording it.  I looked at the camera manual but couldn't find any obvious option that controls whether altitude is recorded, and I couldn't find anything useful when googling "altitude exif aw130".   You might look at the manual more careful and/or contact Nikon support.


              However, the altitude is recorded in the .log file, which is in NMEA format.  I successfully transferred the altitude to the photos in LR using the following recipe:


              1. Use the free GPSBabel to convert the log file to GPX format.

              2. In the LR Map module, load the GPX track log with Map > Tracklog.

              3. Delete the photos' GPS data with Photo > Delete GPS Coordinates.

              4. Set the time zone offset of the photos via Map > Tracklog > Time Zone Offset.

              5. Map > Tracklog > Auto-Tag Photos.


              You could also use a program like Geosetter to do this (you wouldn't need GPSBabel).