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    I cannot download epubs to ADE from Google Play.  I get error 2038.  I can download from Project Gutenberg. What can I do?

    fogbrain Level 1

      The last two books I purchased from Google Play will not download to Adobe Digital Editions on my iMac running OSX 10.9.5.  To see if the problem affected all epub downloads instead of just Google play books, I tried downloading books from Overdrive and Project Gutenberg.  There was no problem.  It seems to me that this outcome suggests that the problem is with google, not ADE and not my iMac.  Is that a reasonable conclusion?  If not, I would appreciate any advice.  If so, how do I convince Google that the problem might be on their end.  The support people at Google don't seem to have a setup that they can use to test a download to ADE.