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    After Effects can't see my fonts


      Constant error message "The following layer dependencies are missing: Text Layer: Font Family: "Oswald [in this example]", Font Style (Regular)"


      EVERY font folder on my system (Mavericks 10.9) EVERY library contains these fonts.


      When designing thousands of lower thirds with templates, the RISK of later on coming up with a broken link, error message, bad render, or unexpected font substitution is very stressful.


      There is a LOT written on Apple's Forums about frustration with AE and this error. There are complex, but inconsistent solutions requiring the use of "Fontbook" - and in my opinion, the more you install on your system, the more you involve 3rd party programs, the more "interceptions" you put in these situations, the more problems you create for the long haul. Even Fontbook apparently can solve it, but only sometimes "for a day or two". That's not a solution to invest in.


      Bottom line: WHY CAN'T AFTER EFFECTS "SEE" the fonts when they are ABSOLUTELY where they belong?


      Bonus question: WHERE does AE actually "look" for fonts?


      ~library/fonts? or

      ~system/library/fonts? or


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          Did anyone find a solution to this issue?

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            Nope. This problem has been around for years, and they're not going to fix it.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have not had any problems managing fonts but I use a font manager. I also make extensive use of Live Type and that works very well.


              In my experience corrupted or poorly designed and executed fonto are usually the culprit when you can't seem to find them in Adobe apps.

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                Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

                Since version 1.5 of AE, I've only had fonts go missing if something was done that broke the link to the font.


                Sounds like you need to take a look at what's happening in your workflow or on your workstation to break the font dependency.


                Is the version of Oswald that was used the last time that the project file was open the same as the version that is currently installed?  For example, was a Postscript version used originally and now only a TrueType is installed?  That one is pretty common.


                Rick's recommendation of a font manager is an excellent one.  Mac OS X's Font Book is pretty good (not sure what you mean by "inconsistent solutions" as Font Book is a standard font management tool and as straight forward as it gets for managing large numbers of fonts).  There's also Suitcase and Universal Type Client.


                Of course, as a Creative Cloud user, you could also just stick with Adobe TypeKit fonts.  If at any time the link is broken, you can resolve it immediately (see File > Add Fonts from typeset... inside of AE for more).