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    Changing Object States in Captivate 8


      I have created an "Important" button that users can click for additional information on a topic. When the button is clicked, I want an object with the appropriate text to appear. I added a shape to my slide and I added the hint text to it. I need to know how to keep the object in a hidden state until the User clicks the "Important" button. I do not see an option on the object's properties to hide it.


      Does anyone have some advice for me?





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          Sreekanth_S Most Valuable Participant
          1. Click the Eye icon (beside object name) in the object properties to hide it.
          2. Set the action on Important button to Show the "Object".


          Off the topic: Thinking from design perspective, if the text is important, shouldn't it be visible by default, instead of making it available On Click (which effectively means optional)?