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    Custom generated camera profile isn't being loaded by Lightroom


      I'm writing software to generate custom DNG camera profiles, but they aren't being loaded by Lightroom. They are in the correct location on OS X (/Users/blah/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/), and other profiles placed in that location work fine, so there's either a bug in the Camera Raw camera profile reader, something missing from the spec (DNG 1.4), or a bug in my generator. Here's a link to (what should be) a verbatim copy of the Nikon D7000 Adobe Standard profile, just with the profile name changed to "Adobe Standard Bad Pixels": http://abortz.net/Nikon%20D7000%20Adobe%20Standard%20Bad%20Pixels.dcp


      It follows the format as described in the DNG 1.4 spec (TIFF file with 0x4352 magic number, etc etc), but probably has a different layout on disk. Can someone at Adobe take a look at my profile and the TIFF parser in Camera Raw? Thanks!