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    White balance selector not working


      Yesterday I left my studio with our high school intern for a few hours. Today I came back and everything is all messed up.  I fixed most of the problems BUT unable to fix the white balance selector.  It is not letting me click in most areas of the picture.  Really it is only let me click in light grey areas.  Black, off limits, white, don't even think about it, dark grey, forget it.  Anyone know what she clicked to make this happen? 


      Help please! 

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I do not have an answer for your particular problem, but a small explanation for part of the problem-

          The WB picker tool will not work on pure white (100,100,100 %) and pure black (0, 0, 0 %).

          Lightroom needs there to be some tone values in each of the RGB channels to be able to reset them equal (Adobe 'help' recommends to click on an area that is- "neutral light grey.").