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    Lr CC export function removes the current filter after exporting one image


      I just upgraded to the most recent version of Lightroom. I used to be able to set the filter to all the "rated" photos, then export them one by one by stepping through the images with the right arrow key. Now, after I've exported the first image, the filter is removed and I cannot simply move to the next image I want to export by using the arrow key. I have to find the next rated photo and then export it. It's annoying since I have to lift my hand from the keyboard to the mouse, or press the right arrow key multiple times until the next rated photo is reached. This is different from the behavior in LR 5, and is very annoying. I can't batch export because each photo needs different export settings. Anyone know if there is a better way of doing this export, or is this bug, or is this something I just have to live with?