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    LR6 (CC) not synching photos but LR5 does!

    fotogra Level 1

      I could not get LR6 to synch photos with LR mobile. Everything was greyout, even in the LR prefs in the mobile tab. I went back to LR5 and synched all the photos I wanted. Went to the mobile device- success. Went back to LR6 and it says there are no synch photos.

      But in the LR mobile pref. tab it says there are the total photos I synched. Can anyone explain this? Why in the Library module of LR6 there are no synch photos? I used the identical source file to upload and made an identical collection in both LR5 and LR6.

      I would like to work in LR6 (CC subscriber) rather than LR5 -but with this situation happening I can't.