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    blurry when going to print


      I have created a file in indesign and exported it to a pdf.  my pdf file looks crystal clear but when I send it to the place for print, (in a magazine) they send me back a file saying that its all blurry and they arent sure whats wrong either??  I am super new to this and only design on a very low scale for a small real estate business.  any help would be great as since my file that  i see is fine i have no idea what could be wrong.  thanks!!!!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Without seeing the files it’s impossible to know. A few questions off the top of my head:


          What is the effective resolution of the images in the InDesign file?

          What settings did you use to export the PDF?

          Did you use Adobe PDF(interactive) instead of Adobe PDF (Print)?

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            brittneybrown816 Level 1

            im not sure how to tell, but when i go into my file to export again, it automatically is bringing up adobe print so i assume thats what i did.  would i be looking at the effective ppi??  like i said im so new to all this i dont know what anything means!!!!! i basically know what i want something to look like and the rest, is all things i have googled to decide what it means or how to use the program! lol 

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              Jbarrigon Level 2

              Hello Brittney, i agree with Bob, without seeing the file is very difficult to answer the question.


              I suggest that when you export the file make sure you select ADOBE PDF (PRINT) from the menu for selecting the format, once the export window appears select the select the settings for Press Quality from the Adobe PDF Preset menu.


              Hope this can help

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
                1. In InDesign go to  WIndow > Links
                2. Check, if all images are connected and up to date, if not you will see a warning symbol.
                3. Select each image and look if the effective resolution is higher than 240ppi. If it is not visible, change the options in that panel in the panel menu.


                When you work with InDesign you should take care that you have used the right image types in the correct way:

                • Did you import the images via FIle > Place…?, don't use copy and paste! Neither use the clipboard!
                • For vector drawings is best to use Illustrator and save the files as AI oder PDF/X-4
                • For images you can use PSD, TIFF, PDF and PDP from Photoshop.
                • If your images have no transparency, you can also use JPG
                • Because you work for Print, I would recommend not to use PNG.


                When you create the PDF:

                1. File > Export…
                2. Select PDF (Print)
                3. Ask the printer which settings, start with one of the X-presets and make your changes as the Printer requires it.
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                  brittneybrown816 Level 1

                  so, all my images are ones that have been sent to me, pics of properties and what not.  i did use the "place" option to add them.

                  they are all a jpg file

                  all pics except a few are ppi of 240 or higher and those that arent do look blurry in my file as well


                  i found out how to change some options when exporting and sent them a new one in the "printpress"  and am waiting to hear back if that file worked a little better.  thank you so much for the input everyone!