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    Wrong to and from form "name" showing on clients website

    iVivid Level 1

      Website is set up in Adobe Muse. I've got a form set up with the domain name email associated with the form. I'm hosting the site for a company Cin Cin on Business Catalyst. The email address is set up on Business Catalyst with the persons name (not mine). When they receive form emails they all say they are from Viv Burgess to Viv Burgess (which is me). They should show that they are to the persons own email which is set up with info@cincin.net.nz and the owners name John David and also not coming from me everytime. What have I set up incorrectly? Thanks in advance if you can help?Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.16.28 pm.png

      The password recovery email address is my own, as I find clients often forget them.

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          Gaurav.Sharma Adobe Employee



          Please try this,

          Under site manager -> system emails-> set default from email address, change your email address




          If you dont see this option, please try steps below and check again.


          In Admin Panel, on your Right Hand side top, Mouse over on your name and Go to "My Details". You will see a check box "Enable online content editing". Check this box, Click save and logout. Login again, and goto site manager, you will see some more options like File manager

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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Not only that (since that only does system messages) you need to go to Site Manager - Web forms and sort the auto responder for each web form you use.

            If you are using email campaigns you need to go into the mailing lists and set the auto responder there.

            If you are using eCommerce and you have set the default system emails as shown above you STILL have to go into the invoice one manually and set that. (Long term bug, 5/6 years not fixed)