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    Lightroom 5.7.1 rendering .psd before editing in PS

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      I have an older laptop that's running LR 5.7.1 and PS CS6.  It works fine for the few things for which I use it (primarily tethered shooting), but in Lightroom it's doing a couple problematic things...


      When I want to edit an image in Photoshop, there's a long lag where LR just sits, then EVENTUALLY it shows up with a task that says "Preparing file for editing" and says it's creating a .psd file.  After another extended wait, it finishes, and a .psd file shows up in LR, then it finally starts Photoshop and eventually things progress to where I can actually edit.


      The laptop is a 5-year old Qosmio with a 250GB SSD for system, apps, LR catalog, and cache, and 16GB of memory, running Windows 7 64-bit.  It's far from current, but I have a couple other machines that are of slightly newer vintage that don't go through this excruciatingly slow process of "preparing a file for editing".  And, on the laptop, when I'm DONE editing in PS, I can just hit "SAVE" instead of having to do a Save As...  On any of my other PCs I have to do a "Save As" because hitting "Save" gets the message that there's no file already created.  So, SOMETHING appears to be set differently on the laptop...


      I've walked through the preferences for Lightroom and the catalogs and I don't see anything odd. I"ve walked through the preferences in Photoshop and don't see anything that would tell LR to render a file for editing.  I don't see anything in the system settings that would obviously cause LR to go through the "preparing a file for edit" process.


      The other characteristic I'm seeing (not sure it's related, but...) is that it's VERY slow bringing up a full screen preview.  NOT a 100% preview, just a basic hit the "f" key to fill the 1680x945 px laptop screen preview similar to the ordinary full-screen preview in Bridge which is NOT slow.  I'm shooting a D810, so the images are a bit "bigger", but this is abnormally slow.  As in 10-20 SECONDS of "loading".  Which would be dreadful but ignorable EXCEPT that I've got clients trying to review images that were just taken while tethered  - so there's no extended overnight or dinner hour where I can let Lightroom sit and churn through images forever to create 100% previews to speed things up.


      Does anyone have ideas what I likely have configured wrong that's causing LR to have such a long "preparing file for editing" activity and extremely slow basic full-screen previews?