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    InDesign CS6 (Win 7 64bit) - palletes not working on high density monitor


      I have InDesign CS6 for years. Recently I bought new 27" monitor Dell P2715Q with 3840x2160px. I also have a second monitor, older Dell 2001FP with 1600x1200px which I`m only using for some palletes.


      No matter if the second monitor is connected or not, almost no palletes are working. I am not able to click on anything (select font, color, move pages etc.). I can only click on the objects on the page and select some tools (not all of them). Some palletes start to work if I move them from the main monitor to the old one (panel "Pages"), but most of them don`t work either. I can for example select also some color swatches, but some swatches don`t react even on the old monitor.


      Before I bought this new monitor I had dual monitors as well, only not high-density. This problem happens apparently only with the high-density monitor. I tried to lower the resolution just to see if that helps, but it didn`t change.


      Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?? I`m not able to work in InDD at all at the moment and when I contacted Adobe support, they told me "support" for CS6 is only here at the user forum I`m affraid if I purchased InDD CC, it will be the same and money wasted.