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    problem in resizing

      Hello all:

      I have the following problem: I'm doing a web site for my company based in resizing blocs, you can see it in the following address:

      To see the problem you have to go in "el grupo", then "Dream Shop Co." and the "trabajos", until this point everything is fine, but if I click twice in "trabajos", the second time doesn't work, and if you go back again and click for a second time to "dream shop co.", the the risezable blocs goes wrong.

      I don't know why because I have the resize made for each button, and is the following:

      _global.c1Ancho = c1._width;
      _global.c1Alto = c1._height;
      _global.c1X = c1._x;
      _global.c1Y = c1._y;

      _global.c1vel = 8;

      function c1Redimensionar(w, h, x1, y1) {
      c1Ancho = w;
      c1Alto = h;
      c1X = x1;
      c1Y = y1;

      c1.onEnterFrame = function() {
      this._width += (c1Ancho-this._width)/c1vel;
      this._height += (c1Alto-this._height)/c1vel;
      this._x += (c1X-this._x)/c1vel;
      this._y += (c1Y-this._y)/c1vel;

      c1_bt.onRelease = function() {
      c1Redimensionar(450, 28,15 , 32);
      c3Redimensionar(450, 260, 15,68);
      c2Redimensionar(426,18, 28,76);

      _root.cuRedimensionar(500, 340,226 , 190);
      _root.reRedimensionar(500, 340,226 , 190);

      I've have made the same script than above for each block and for each button, so I don't know wahy it only work for the first time, and why it doesn't load the swf as it does at the first click.
      I hope you can help me.