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    standardising your edits across multiple projects?

    djmattyz Level 1

      im doing a film which involves characters (monsters) whos skin color i have altered and added textures to their skin etc...


      one of the main challenges i face is making sure the monster looks like the same character in each scene in terms of the appearance, and doesnt keep changing.


      what tips would you guys have for copying and reusing layers and other such properties into different projects. so far i will open one project and copy the effects from one layer , then close it, and paste them into the  new one, then repeat as many times as necessary


      but for example,  i have used a JPG to create a veiny texture on the face of the monster in one scene using distort/liquify to shape it onto the contours of his face,  now if i want him to have this same veiny pattern on his face i need a good way to repeat this in the other scenes.  starting from a blank canvass each time carries a lot of risk in terms of the pattern being done differently(the jpg being resized or rotated differently) and not looking quite the same


      any suggestions?


      another other less important question


      also is there a way to conveniently preview other projects for comparison (currently im just loading them up on windows media player and flicking over and back...not a bad option either)