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    Acrobat X, cannot save a PDF as a JPG


      When I open a PDF, select File, Save As, Image, then JPEG, the save as dialogue box opens.  Whether I leave the file name the same, or change it to something simpler (test1.jpg for example), the saved file never appears.  I can try to save it to any location on my local workstation, and the saved file never appears.  I'm running Windows 8.1 fully updated, and Acrobat X Standard fully updated (10.1.14).  I'm running it locally on my workstation, and the files I'm working on are local as well.  I'm trying to save the file to my local workstation (no network locations attempted).  I've also searched the entire workstation, and have been unable to find any of the attempted saved files.  I've run a repair on Acrobat, I've run all updates on Acrobat, and I've tried again to repair it.  I've rebooted multiple times.  I've also ran a malware scan in case something was interfering.  I came up with 5 PUPs, but even after cleaning, the save PDF as JPG problem persists.  Please help!