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    LR CC / external hard drive help


      I recently moved from using Aperture to LR CC. 

      I started out with the catalog on my hard drive, not knowing how everything would work.  I have a IMac at home and a MacBook Pro that I use for travel.  I have a GDrive external hard drive that I set up to use for my lap top while traveling.  Now that I am home I attached the GDrive to my IMac but the newest folders that I created while traveling do not show up on my iMac. 

      Is there an easy way for me to access them from this external drive?  I have googled it but I'm unsure as to what to do. 

      Are these my options?

      Import all the new folders to the LR CC on my IMac

      Put my catalog from my HD on my IMac on the external hard drive (saw that on Google but I'm not sure I completely understand that and have a fear of loosing my photos)


      Any help will be appreciated as I would really like to get access to these photos for a blog that I need to get written.