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    Removing a color box from a .mov layer




      I am trying to alter a video for my company that was made by a previous employee. Unfortunately when I try to review the original source file there is now a color box surrounding the moving element (tannish colored box that is attached to the hand element) that is not apparent on the initial final render. I have attached screen shots of the original settings upon opening the original unaltered source files as well as the screen where I altered the Despill Bias and noticed a slight change in the color box.


      I went back into Photoshop and indeed confirmed that the video has a transparent background setting but when rendered into video from PSD it appears to have a lime green screen behind it.


      Do you know of any special render settings I should look into or a way to get this color box to disappear behind the moving element? I have exhausted all resources I know.



      Original Settings:

      Your original settings.png

      Despill Bias Altered:

      Despill bias altered.png