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    How to import Illustrator art with clipping mask and retain layer size?

    Jeff Paul gs

      I have some artwork created in Illustrator that I'm importing into After Effects. The artwork uses a gradient with a clipping mask. When I import the artwork into After Effects and select Retain Layer Sizes, the layer is cropped to the total artwork on the layer, including the artwork that is being clipped, rather than being cropped to the clipping mask itself. For instance, say I have some artwork that is 1000 pixels wide; the clipping mask is 500 pixels wide. When I import the layer into After Effects, the layer is imported as being 1000 pixels wide. Is there any way to get After Effects to recognize the visible artwork (i.e. the 500 pixel clipping mask) rather than the entire artwork, both visible and hidden? (Other than selecting use Document Size instead of Retain Layer Sizes.)


      The big issue here is that we're creating some video templates with different versions of the same artwork. The original artwork was created with a plain solid fill. Some of the versions use the same basic shape, but use gradients and/or clipping masks. We'd like to simply swap out the layers, but because AE is recognizing the total hidden artwork on the layer rather than just the visible artwork, the layers are different sizes and there's a shift. Any way of getting around this? I feel like there's got to be some check box in either Illustrator or After Effects that I'm missing.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      I'm using After Effects CC 2014, and Illustrator CC 2014 on a MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2014 running OS X 10.10.3