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    Cache error  & ? on files, help?!

    Angie7z Level 1

      I was getting the error message for LR 5.3 64 bit about LR needed to close due to a cache error.

      I did some research, supposedly how to fix the problem. I found LR in My Pictures. Opened the file and found previews.lrdata and deleted it.

      I was then able to open LR but I realized most of the files in LR catalog were now displaying a ? and I was missing a number of files and images in LR.

      I found the file in recycle and restored it hoping that would solve the problem. It did not.

      Not only am I still missing reference to a number of images, the ? is still being displayed. Do I need to go back to catalog 5 and choose restore previous session?

      I can now at least open LR.

      Thank you for any help!!!