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    Lightroom mobile Speed problems with Ipad 3, ready for real work ?

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      after a lot of positive articles about Lightroom mobile I gave it a try for a wedding anniversary but run into a lot of performance issues just working on about 400 photos which made this software unusable for me as a solution to crop & pick JPEG as reference for the RAW files on LR on my Laptop.


      My setup is


      - D800 shooting Raw & jpeg basic

      - JPEG basic  transferred to ipad 3 camera roll & imported into LR mobile for crop & WB & pick  (2.3 to 2,8 MB files)

      - Ipad sync at home with LR on my Laptop over adobe cloud

      - JPEG flags are synced to RAW file in LR laptop


      Now the performance


      - opening any edit function in LR mobile (crop , WB ) takes approx 20-30 sec until the functions is ready to work

      - clicking on the next photo in filmstrip .. again 30 sec until crop frame is fully displayed

      - syncing 400 photos from LR mobile to LR laptop takes 16 hours ...


      Above with a IPAD 3, 2,5 Giga free space and a ADSL network of 1MB up & 19  MB down at home.


      So my question is ..is LR mobile too slow on a Ipad 3 or are there any performance settings for optimization ?


      Same for Adobe cloud .. 16 hours even with my rather normal ADSL connections for 400 x 2,8 MB files looks very long /


      Any suggestion for making this setup a working solution ?


      regards Bjoern