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    Generating output packages where selected images are contained in a specified outside directory


      Over a period of time [sometimes over a few years!] I use the same PSD or AI file in different versions of client projects. After completing a project I will package [archive] the files. However, photo or graphic images used in an earlier document are often revised, so, older collected output packages contain older versions of the revised photos or graphics. When I'm asked to update an older file there are often current changes that are not reflected in the older files.


      I have looked at creating files in File > New > Document, Book, Folio and Library. 'Book' seems the most likely prospect. However, my projects don't lend themselves to the File > New > Book ... since PSD or AI files are repurposed for print, large format, or Internet in a variety of size formats.


      Ideally, I would like a simple alert that let's me know a file has been modified outside of the output package, or, a choice of saving -- or referring -- to selected PSD or AI files in a directory that isn't part of the output package, or, a way to replace all PSD or AI files within a selected group of output packages [this is problematic tho']. As I was reading through other discussions, there were references to Scripts which appear to allow more user control.

      Indesign CC is very advanced. I'm painfully aware that I use only a small percentage of the available features. Any ideas are appreciated.