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    Is Lightroom killing your creativity?

    Alex Petrenko Level 1

      Today I've spent one more happy day shooting. I'll spend one more dreaded night selecting photos. And tomorrow I'll spend one more frustrating morning retouching them.


      I'm losing hope, really. Everything is sooooooooooooo slow. Even basic cropping takes several seconds. Then you need to switch to next photo. And process repeats. (SSD/i7/32G memory/GPU enabled).


      Ligthroom 3, 4, 5... Now - 6/CC. You see the same complaints and you see next version coming - and it is slower than before. Even with new processor and hardware acceleration. With insane amounts of memory.


      Yes, It's a great motivation to select only the best photos for retouching (and even shoot less), but clients (very often) pay for number of shots, and not for the time you spend for each.


      Is there light in the future? Will we see some day proper hardware acceleration, which allows to zoom to 100% instantly? Any camera can do this kind of processing 7 times per second - why can't you?


      Will we be able to browse through photos without waiting 2-4 second for "Loading" (from SSD)?


      Hire guys from Photo Mechanic (or buy them) to teach you to how to browse photo instantly.


      Hire this crazy Russians to teach you insanely quick debayering.


      Ask Photoshop team, how to apply all these corrections you do in Lightroom as fast as they do it Photoshop.


      Give me more time, let me spend it not with Lightroom, but in creation process.