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    Cannot upload books to Blurb since upgrading from LR4.4 to LR6


      I cannot upload a book to Blurb for printing from Lightroom 6. Since upgrading from LR4.4 to 6 this functionality no longer seems to work for me. When I try the PDF upload workaround suggested by Blurb support I get "Preflight has detected a fatal error with your PDF". I can export the PDF from Lightroom 6 ok, but there is something wrong with it as far as Blurb's system is concerned. The PDF looks absolutely fine to view. Thinking it might be something to do with fonts I created a sample book with the minimum number of pages and no text (just a couple of images) and the problem still persists. Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Has ANYONE got this functionality to work in version 6?


      I have created many books in the past with the older version with no issues at all :-(

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          Hello Matt,


          I've spent a few hours with the same problem ... I tried every solution I could read (backgrounds, removing pages, disabling firewall, ...) until I found what was causing the problem in my case :


          You may be in the same situation as me if, when you click "Upload" :

          - The progress bar on the top left appears but never moves

          - Lightroom does not show you a Blurb dialog where you can specify titre, subtitle, and author of the book

          - You cannot export any book to Blurb, no matter how much pages

          - You can export in PDF


          What was causing the problem is that I used Blurb from Lightroom a while ago (2013), and Lightroom was "remembering" my Blurb account, but it seems that the stored information was either corrupted, either not valid anymore. Maybe because of updating to LR5 and then LR6 ...


          The solution for me was to open Lightroom preferences file :
          - Windows : %appdata%\Adobe\Lightroom\Preferences\Lightroom 6 Preferences.agprefs

          - Mac OS : See here : https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/preference-file-locations-lightroom-4.html


          First, close Lightroom.


          Then I searched for "Blurb" and I removed these 3 lines :


          Blurb_Currency = "EUR",


          LayoutModule_blurbUsername = "XXXXXXXX",




          I saved, started Lightroom, went to a book, clicked on Upload .... and voilà !

          Lightroom gave me a dialog to login to Blurb ... I logged in.

          Then I had the dialog to enter title, subtitle, and author of the book ... yes !!

          And then it started exporting (progress bar and all) and uploading !


          I wish this could be useful to others !