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    AE and C4D Lite

    Satoshi Nakamoto

      I'm now 20 years in computer graphics and cannot remember when I was this frustrated:

      I've given up installing the trial of CC on a PC because of multiple Adobe, AE, C4D and windows 8 problems


      Now I'm on a Mac: Problem:


      I successfully made a new C4D file (from AE), saved it and AE and C4D are in perfect sync!




      When I quit both Apps (AE and C4D) and want to go back to my AE project and C4D project how do I do that???


      - I tried clicking on EVERYTHING inside AE which has to do with my C4D file!


      - I tried double clicking on the .c4d file on my HD (It looks like a unix executable!!!)


      - I even found the C4D App inside the plugIn folder of AE, but I cannot start it!


      What can I do???