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    Catalogue Back up does not work anymore


      LR 4.4 under Windows 7 prof

      Catalogue size about 1 GB


      For a while I can't back up the catatogue anymore. It gets stuck after 20-30 % of the progress bar. Task manager says that LR is still running (NOT saying "not responding")

      I used all combination of checking/unchecking the boxes checking integrity and ootimise catalogue after backing up


      After terminating LR with the task manager LR does not start anymore.

      On shuting down Windows the shut down gets stuck and I have to u use hard shut down


      After retarting Windows LR start and works again normally.


      All of above is 100% reproducable, i.e. same behavior all the time.


      Probably it will be difficult to give an adice - unless somebody has experienced the same - ??