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    Bring item full screen after use of 3D Camera and modification of item position/orientation

    brvid Level 1

      Hi.  I'm a new After Effects user.

      After applying the 3D camera and making adjustments, and also making adjustments to an individual items position and orientation in 3D space,

      is there way to get one item full screen (and straight at camera) again, other than doing so by "eye"?  Is there a feature or math that will get the item back to full screen

      as if you didn't apply 3D or or make position changes?


      Said another way, if I have several peices of video on screen, turned them all 3D, modified this positions and orientation, then applied a 3D camera and adjusted that

      so none of the items are full screen any more, then you want one of them to come back to full screen, can you add parameters values of the item and the camera perhaps to some value

      that results in one item at a fulls screen/straight on angle (as if 2D and not touched)?


      Thanks in advance for any direction.