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    SWFLoader question

    m_hartnett Level 3
      I am trying to implement a slide show using a flash slide show component.
      I have downloade a couple of the free components available in the Adobe Component Exchange

      I have placed an swfloader tag in the application.
      <mx:SWFLoader source="slide_show.swf" width="450" height="310" autoLoad="true" id="homeShow"/>

      The images that will be displayed are controlled by an XML file.

      When I run the application the first image of the slide show will display but then no other images.

      I realize that this is an open ended question but is there anything I need to do to further enable this flash component.
      Could there be a compatibility error between the flash component and flashplayer 9.

      Can anyone point me to some examples of using SWFLoader or should I write something in flex that will do the same thing.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Understand that there are some issues with running a Flash 8 (AS2) within a Flex (AS3) app, because they will be runnin in different "virtual machines". If the loaded swf requires any communication with its parent, there is a problem. The only way they can communicate is via LocalConnection, which must be enabled on both ends.

          I am not a Flash guy so I can't be more specifically helpful.