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    Lightroom CC reboots computer when importing my old photos


      I'm trying to migrate from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom CC, I no longer have access to Lightroom 4, but I have my old backups of my Catalog. I learned from support that going from LR4 to LRCC is not supported, so I downloaded a trial of LR5 to do a interim conversion.


      What happens is after updating the Catalog to the new format, finding my ~5500 photos and importing those and converting keywords it instantly kills my computer and it reboots. Opening it back up kills it as soon as the library is displayed (post splash screen). This would seem like an overheating or lack of power issue, but it's not. I'm not getting a bluescreen (no minidump generated) and I play games a lot on this computer with no issues. I'm used to a month or longer uptime with many multiple hour gaming sessions, and Lightroom CC is the only thing that gives me issues. Even Lightroom 5 appears to run smoothly, I clicked around a bit, looked at some pictures and on the map while doing the interim conversion. So it seems to be CC/6 specific.


      Here's what I've tried so far:

      • Unplugged all USB devices
      • Reinstalled Lightroom CC
      • Upgraded via LR5
      • Ran a memory diagnostic
      • Ran a harddrive diagnostic
      • Updated GPU drivers
      • Disabled GPU accelration
      • Made sure facial recognition was disabled
      • Ran in Safe Mode (with networking)
      • Ran Windows Update and installed everything important
      • Re-imported old catalogue numerous times, from different backups
      • Checked Event Viewer but can't see anything of interest
      • Checked /AppData/Local/Temp/amt3.log - doesn't seem to have anything interesting either


      And here's some details about my computer:

      • Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
      • i7-4790 4GHz (no overclocking)
      • 16GB ram
      • 20GB+ swap
      • SSD with 35GB free
      • NVidia GTX 980 (running at stock speeds)
      • Lots of gaming with no issues (no power or heat problems?)
      • Photo collection of modest size (~5500 photos)


      I took a small video with my phone to demonstrate, it's a bit long since I wasn't entirely sure how long it would take, but the action is around 28 seconds. This was from before doing the interim LR5 conversion, when I did that I can see previews of my photos (probably because LR5 generated some, I guess?) but otherwise it's pretty identical. It's that spot in the loading that it happens every time.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Wow, that's some incredibly bad advice.


          Yes you can go from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 6.


          As far as crashing goes, when the computer shuts down and rebotts, 99.999% of the time you have a hardware problem or a driver incompatibility. The problem is not Lightroom. You need to update your video driver (or sometimes downgrade your video driver) and check for hardware malfunctions. UYou say its not overheating, but fail to give your reasoning. Lightroom puts stresses on your hardware that other software does not, including some games (again, you give no details aabout what games you are running, although I wouldn't have a clue if you named names how that game stresses the CPU vs GPU vs memory vs hard disk).

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            snakeofsilver Level 1

            (Not sure why this is getting rejected by moderators, it's a followup to my question)


            My reasoning for ruling out overheating is that after sitting overnight it dies withing 5-10 seconds of me double-clicking the Lightroom icon (if I've already tried to import). That's way too quick for any overheating to happen. I have an aftermarket cooler on the CPU that's capable of handling plenty of overclocking (which I haven't done any yet though). But I agree, the symptoms do scream of hardware issues, but since Lightroom CC (not Lightroom 5) is the only one showing it, I thought it was something Lightroom specific. I play lots of hardware taxing games, which is why I got myself such a beefy machine primarily and I feel like they combined would tax it pretty well. I also felt like I could rule out GPU overheating/power/drivers by disabling the GPU boost component in Lightroom.


            However, to be thorough I downloaded Prime95 (a CPU and memory "torture tool") just to make sure, and it turns out to be triggering the problem as well. So that rules out something Lightroom specific. I'm just surprised I haven't encountered this before. I'm going to run a comprehensive memtest86 test to see what that turns up, but I can't find myself a USB stick at the moment so that will have to wait. If you have any advice for other diagnostics to run to try and isolate what the problem is that would be greatly appreciated.