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    how do I update an index in CS5.5?


      Hello, All~


      I'm using InDesign CS5.5 on an iMac running OS 10.9.5. My book is 406 pages and has a very detailed index, some of which I created by hand after InDesign generated the Index automatically. Now I must add some additional materials to the front of the book, which will change the page entries of the existing Index.


      My question: is there a way to update the customized index I did (some entries by hand, but they have anchors in the text of the book) without starting all over from scratch?


      Thank you,



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          Ellis home Level 4

          If you add the new entries and run the index again you will loose the formatting you did manually. I recently had to update an index and decided to add manually the new entries (but entered the index markers just to have them in my document). It's really up to you what would be more time consuming: entering the new references, run the index and formatting again, or manually add the new entries to the original keeping the formatting you already have. I also had to make a last minute adjustment to my index because 2 pages were added to one chapter at the last minute. So I had to adjust the page numbers after that chapter by 2. This is the solution the brilliant Jongware gave me for that: GREP question.

          That said, let's see if someone else here has more ideas.

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            WilliamDeanAGarner Level 1

            Thank you, Ellis. I downloaded the script but immediately got an error on a line. Emailed David Blatner for some assistance. Worst to worst, I just redo the whole thing, using a copy of the previous one. Only takes a day. Thanks again for responding!