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    Animmation For Mobile devices

      Can any one say ,which software can be used for designing the animation for the mobile devices.Please help, Flash lite can be used to play back the animation but hw to create the animation.
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          DazFaz Level 1
          From what I understand you can create animations in Flash and to help when you choose a new file use a template from one of the options given in the "template" tab on the "new file" screen. Thats assuming you are delivering your animation through a browser.

          Then upload your file to your server space.

          It starts to get a little sticky that end though if you are using the same URL for normal internet users as you would have to create a server side script that detects what device is calling the page e.g. mobile device.

          Then this script will redirect the device to the right page.
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            First of all you need Flash 8 Professional, than is better get an flashLite2 update. To do so go to this page. Find the "Download the Flash Lite 2 Update for Flash Professional" or something like that. Than go to this page, ans update your mobile device profile, for opening/installing the device profile update you'll need the Macromedia Extension Manager.

            Ok, now you need to configure Flash 8 to play around.

            To configure it open Flash 8, create a new document (yes, in the common way) then in the menu Modify > Document... define the dimensions of the mobile you are testing or pretending to, set the frame rate between 6 and 20 (usually 6).

            Now you need to do the most important thing, define your player settings. This is what make your flash content (swf) a mobile flash content (mobile swf).
            In the menu go to File > Publish Settings, now go to the tab Flash and choose in the comboBox labeled Version your Flash Lite version.
            Ok, you are ready to work, just define the other settings you prefer, and if you wish you can go to File > Device Settings to choose your device emulator and other stuff.

            Tip: Save a template with your settings! I think flash already have some...

            Now you just need to work as usually, just be careful with actionScript because there are restrictions...