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    How do you number pages starting a section with 0?



      I am formatting a huge technical manual with many chapters, sub-sections and many table of contents for each, as well as table of contents for a list of the diagrams in each chapter. Each chapter has sub sections. I have figured out how to number the beginning of the sections, like 12-1, 12-2, 12-3, etc., but my problem is that each new section starts on the right side page, leaving a left side page before it that is supposed to be numbered 12-0. I need to know how to start the section numbering with zero. If I try to do it in the numbering options, it just says that it has to start with a 1.


      I need to be able to do this, because this 12-0 page usually has an illustration or diagram on it that needs to be included in the list of diagrams that I use the automated table of contents to create. I can manually override the page number on those pages to 12-0, but InDesign won't register that when it generates the tables of contents.


      Thanks in advance!