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    is there a better alternative to a mask in this case?

    djmattyz Level 1

      im trying to do a special effect by creating an image of a human with a snakes tongue


      im using a video of a snake, and masking out his tongue.


      i have been about 4 hours moving the keyframes around this snakes tongue, and im about half way through the sequence and beginning to pull my hair out. you would be surprised just how much a snake wiggles his tongue !


      so, since im an after effects 'noob',  i thaught i would throw the question out there, to those of you who are more in-the-know than myself


      is there a better way to isolate this object than having to physically move a mask around it?   i tried keying it in adobe premiere using the Ultra Key, its the only key plugin im good with , and it didnt work out


      here is an example of the image, in the corner is an example of the end result

      snake tongue project.jpg