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    DHow long should it tahownload Premier Elements?


      How long should it take to download Premier Elements 13? I left it downloading overnight and now can't find it!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From where are you downloading Premiere Elements 13....Adobe web site? What is your computer operating system?


          When I had DSL lowest speed for that class, it took me about 5 hours for the download of Premiere Elements using the Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.


          Now with a higher speed (fiber optics) lowest speed for that class, the same download takes about an hours.


          When you set up the download, you should have been asked to create a folder for the download on the computer hard drive. What did you set?

          a. look on the desktop for a folder named Adobe Premiere Elements.

          b. if Windows, look in Libraries/Documents/

          c. what did a computer search show


          Did you purchase Premiere Elements and are trying to get the purchased installation files or are you just downloading the tryout?