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    integrating DropDown menu of flash with director

      Hi everyone,
      I have a movie wherein i am using small flash movies as component for better UI effect. Also we are using other component like drop down, text boxes and radio buttons developed in flash. But the controls that we have in flash are causing problems

      like I have a drop down menu developed in flash. I want to use it director to give me drop down effect and also features to add item to it. It was working fine with bitmaps earlier but considering the scaling issue we moved to Flash. I could easily attach beheviour to bitmaps. But the same is not working with Flash (.swf) file.

      This is what I am doing....

      Dragging the dropdrop.swf file in director's cast and then attaching Beheviour to it for drop down
      I Think it is does not support Flash files so If there is any work around this then please let me know. Also suggest if i am heading in the right direction.

      Any sort of help will be appretiated.

      Atul Saxena