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    2 monitor output with AE CC 2014 & Intensity Extreme


      I have a Mac Pro (dustbin) with a Blackmagic design Intensity Extreme attached via Thunderbolt. This outputs video via both HDMI and Component. The HDMI goes to a JVC Broadcast monitor DT-V24L1D, whilst the Component goes to a consumer Sony monitor. Sound is output though the extreme to a pair of Roland monitors. This set up worked absolutely fine with AE CS6 and I used it for years. In fact I still have CS6 installed and it works as expected, as I just tested it. This using the latest firmware of Blackmagic Desktop video Driver 10.4


      However when I use AE CC 2014, I get no picture output to the component monitor attached. Output to HDMI is as expected. I am sure this is something to do with Mercury Transmit, but could someone clarify why this wouldn't work and how I might remedy the situation.

      It is slightly infuriating when functionality is downgraded by a supposed upgrade.

      all the best

      Richard Squires