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    How to import a Blurb photobook, in a laptop, which has been created in another computer?


      Good morning! I hope I can find the answer to my question in this forum, cause this issue is driving me nuts!

      So: I have created a Blurb photobook in LR5 on my work pc, saved  into a collection and (as read in another thread here) exported it as a catalogue into my external hard drive. At the same time I exported it as PDF using the button down on the left in the book module. These operations all went smoothly.

      When last night I have connected my external hdd into my laptop to send the book to Blurb for printing, I couldn't find a way for lightroom to "recognise/understand" that I have previously created the book. LR, instead, was just importing the pictures from this catalogue but didn't manage to recreate the settings previously chosen for my book, it was creating a new one using the default settings. What did I do wrong?

      Fortunately, having previously saved a PDF copy, I managed to upload the book to Blurb and so problem solved for the time being, but still, I'd like to know what is the correct procedure to achieve what I am after cause I am really confused.

      Thanks to anyone willing to help me understand!!!